Undercover casino police to watch tennis tournament

With tennis currently embroiled in match-fixing accusations and suspicious betting claims, undercover French police will be sniffing around this week’s Masters Series even in Paris.

The Renseignements Généraux, which specialises in policing casinos and horse-racing, has been granted freedom to roam wherever they wish throughout the tournament in an attempt to detect any suspicious behaviour.

"We have opened our doors to them as they will take a fresh look and are anxious to stop an activity they are less familiar with," said the director of the French tennis federation (FFT) Jean-Francois Vilotte.

As well as the undercover officers, former tennis stars have been hired to report any suspicious matches or dodgy behaviour from the stands.

Players have also been warned that, as it is illegal to gamble online in France, they must not bet on matches and they must report any approaches to throw a match within 48 hours.

The measures employed at this weeks event, if successful, will then be introduced at next year’s French Open at Roland Garros.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2007-10-29 10:56:26

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