Casino down-under loses $100,000 chip

Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia, has suffered the ignominy of losing a $100,000 (AUS) casino chip in what appears as an inside job.

Despite a police investigation that included more than 50 casino employees being interviewed and hours of CCTV footage being scrutinised, the casino is non-the-wiser about who took the chip.

Nevertheless, the investigation is still continuing.

 "It is an on going investigation by police, we will leave it up to them," said Crown Casino spokesman Gary O’Neill.

"We are co-operating and continue to co-operate with the police. It is a police investigation, which is still open."

The chip was taken from a cupboard in the counting area, supposedly one of the most secure areas in the casino. The casino carried out their own investigation for several months before reporting the incident to the police.

The theft, which occurred in January 2006, has only now become public knowledge after the Sunday Herald Sun newspaper obtained the documents from Victoria Police through the Freedom of Information act.

James Packer, owner of the casino, will not be a happy bunny – and will no longer have Scientology to offer him comfort.

Editor, - 2008-05-12 11:13:48

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