Man goes on casino hunger strike

A Romanian man is so eager to be allowed back in his local casino to play roulette that he has gone on a hunger strike in protest to his ban.

Ioan Seutiut, 49, was banned from the casino after officials kicked him out for swearing and shouting too loud.

Ever since then, Seutiut has been sitting on a chair outside the casino in Deva, with a board reading: “Roulette hunger strike”.

Seutiut is so dead-set on getting back in the casino to play his beloved roulette he said he will not eat or receive medical attention until he is allowed back in the casino.

“I have a lot of money on me and I want to play it all on the roulette but they just don't let me,” said Seutiut.

"They say I swear and talk too loud but everybody shouts in there especially when losing. After all it's not a church, it's the roulette."

If all else fails, Seutiut will set up a tent outside the casino and remain there until he is let back in again, or refunded the money he lost – around £6,000.

"I love the roulette even though it cost me lots of money. But that's my problem and all I ask from this casino is to let me play. If not, I will not leave this place,” Seutiut added.

Romanian roulette… not quite as dangerous as Russian roulette, but a sure-fire way to lose a few pounds.

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