Hasting's casino green light

After debate and petitions, Hastings Borough council has voted 22 to 3 in favour of going ahead with an application for one of the UK’s small casino licences granted next year.

The application had caused much concern with residents of the town, who put forward a 200 signature petition in protest at the proposed development. However, the council decided that the casino’s benefits would outweigh and negative factors brought from the proposed casino. The council believes a casino would create 300 jobs in the town and attract more tourist visits, as well as drawing in more business investment to the area.

“I think a casino could offer real economic opportunities, but we have to make sure we get the best deal from any casino, in terms of jobs, regeneration, and safety measures,” said Jeremy Birch, former leader of the Council.

Current Council leader Peter Pragnell agreed with Birch, stating that casinos are ‘the most regulated and heavily monitored form of gambling and the council has the power to revoke a licence if things go wrong’.

A report made by a licencing officer added that the casino will not be an alternative to other investment in the town’s tourism and that it will be a small element of Hastings’s current gambling sector of betting shops, amusement arcades and bingo halls. Hatsings will be vying for one of the new 8 small casino licences that will be granted by the UK government next Autumn.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2006-12-21 13:08:19

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