Casino gaming duty to be reviewed

The British government admitted yesterday there had been some confusion over taxes relating to player-to-player games in casinos.

Games such as poker should only be subject to VAT and no gaming duty. However, since April of this year, several incorrect statements have been made relating to gaming duties applicable to casinos.

Exchequer secretary to the treasury, Angela Eagle, admitted that statements made by the then Financial Secretary to the Treasury, John Healey, implied that poker should be taxed twice, with VAT and gaming duty.

"In fact the Finance Act 1997 does not apply gaming duty to participation fees for poker played in casinos, so participation fees for poker played in casinos are liable only to VAT," Eagle said.

"I apologise to the House for this misunderstanding."

As yet, no date has been set for an official review of the gaming duty although it could happen as early as October in the pre-budget report.

Editor, - 2007-09-11 11:05:37

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