Casino fires 400 managers

MGM Mirage Inc, the biggest casino operator in Las Vegas, has fired more than 400 middle management employees as part of a cost-cutting scheme.

The move has been triggered by the downturn in the U.S economy and the decision will save the company $75 million.

"We were able to see the signs of trouble on the economic horizon last August," said Alan Feldman, spokesman for MGM Mirage Inc.

"The economy was beginning to worsen and clearly was not going to get better in the immediate term."

As a result, guests seem to be much more frugal and careful with their money once they come to the resorts.

"Instead of four days, people stay for three. Instead of a five-star experience, they are going for four stars. Instead of two shows, they're going to one," Feldman said.

"There certainly is the possibility that there are people who are also making a decision to gamble less."

The staff cutbacks will affect employees in Michigan, Mississippi and mostly Las Vegas.

No more job losses are expected unless the “economy should take a serious dive for the worse," Feldman said.

Editor, - 2008-04-15 10:43:05

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