Crown Casino could face hefty fine

Melbourne’s Crown Casino, owned by Publishing and Broadcasting LTD (PBL), look set to face an investigation by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation after a slight change to its blackjack rules.

If found guilty the casino could face a fine of up to $1 million (AUS).

Crown modified the rules on April 16 without updating the change on is website, a move which breaks the Casino Control Act 1991 which stipulates that all blackjack rules must be approved by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation.

"It's mandated that Crown has the rules available (online) so players know what the rules are of any game they choose to play," said Peter Cohen, chief executive of the commission.

"What we will do is check they are the current rules, and then the second thing we will look at is whether the game is being played consistent with those rules."

The change has seen a skilled blackjack player now losing 70 cents in every $100, compared to the 50 cents under the previous rules.

Experts believe that the rule change could see an extra $6 million a year going into the casino’s pockets.

The Crown Casino essentially operates as a monopoly as it is the only casino in Melbourne. Many believe the casino is taking advantage of this fact and believes it can change the rules as it likes forcing, gamblers to like it or lump it.

Editor, - 2007-05-08 12:21:46

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