Casino Convention Organiser Lashes Out at the Industry

Marc Lesnick has astonished the online gaming industry by lashing out at them during his opening statement. Marc, the official organiser for the online Casino Affiliate Convention and Gaming Marketing Conference held in Las Vegas last week made his feelings very clear to all in attendance.

Lensick angrily commented, “The biggest threat to this industry is not the United States government…the biggest threat to this industry is the little boys who were afraid to come here today.”

Lesnick was livid that many online casino affiliate programmes that were due to take part in the conference pulled out at the last minute. Many people decided not to travel to the US to attend the annual conference amid rumours that US law enforcement officials had issued a total of 400 indictments and that they planned to carry them out at the conference.

Lesnick went on to reveal that he was pressured to cancel the conference altogether. “The amount of pressure I received internally, from within the industry, was tremendous. There was no pressure externally.”
The conference totalled approximately 500, which was far below last years total of 700, and 21 of the registered 49 exhibitors declined to set up their booths.

Google News - 2006-09-21 17:54:50

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