Casino closed for two days

Dunedin casino in New Zealand has been told by the New Zealand Gambling Commission that it must close its doors for two days. The two day suspension comes into effect today after the commission has found that the casino is not doing enough to protect problem gamblers.

Christine Keenan lost $6.6 Million over a period of 3 years and the judgement by the commission states that the casino is not taking the 2003 Gambling Act serious enough. The Act specifies that all casinos must have a process in place to minimise any troubles that can be caused from gambling.

The ruling is hoped to send out a clear message to the industry that they must not neglect their responsibilities in accordance with the Gambling Act.

"The Department asked for a seven day suspension. It didn't get it but I think what's important in this case is that a precedent has been set." said Mike Hill of the Department of Internal Affairs.

Editor, - 2006-11-13 11:49:22

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