Casino opposed by Church of Scotland

A new casino planned for Stranraer, Scotland, has been opposed by the Church of Scotland.

Stranraer is the only Scottish location on the government’s list of 16 places earmarked for a casino under their much-maligned casino plans.

The Wigtown and Stranraer presbytery have voiced concerns over any potential casino’s impact on the local society. Dumfries and Galloway Council have responded by pledging there will be a full debate and consultation process before any plans go ahead.

"There is no question that everyone in the community wants to see a thriving economy in Stranraer,” said Machars minister Rev Alex Currie.

"However, we feel that it is our duty as part of the Christian community in Wigtownshire to state publicly that gambling should not be regarded as the tool that will bring our community the economic regeneration it desires.

The casino in Stranraer would be classed as a ‘small casino’ and as such, would be allowed 80 gaming machines and maximum jackpot of £4,000.

The governments plan to make the UK the centre of the gambling industry – at least in Europe – have turned into somewhat of a dog’s dinner. The big gaming companies are distancing themselves from bidding for the new casino licences, cities and towns are rejecting the casinos awarded to them and the one place that really wanted a casino, Manchester, is not going to get its super-casino.

The gamble has well and truly backfired.

Editor, - 2008-06-10 11:07:42

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