Casino cheats rumbled

Two men and one lady used high-tech equipment to defraud casinos across London of thousands of pounds, Southwark Crown Court heard yesterday.

Yau Yiv Lam, 45, was the leader of the gang and was accompanied by Fa Tsang, 41, and Bit Wong, 39, all from north-west London. All pleaded guilty last month to one count of cheating, against the Gambling Act 1845.

Lam, an experienced poker player, was jailed yesterday for nine months, and Tsang and Wong were sentenced to nine months suspended jail sentence. They also face 150 hours of community service. All three were also handed an “exclusion requirement”, banning them form any casino for two years.

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin, QC, described the scam as ‘virtually foolproof’. Lam, who had a hidden camera up his sleeve, filmed the croupier as he dealt cards in three card poker. The footage would then be replayed to a white van outside the casino where Tsang would slow down the images sufficiently to see what cards had been dealt. Tsang would radio the card details to Wong, who wore a hidden microphone, and inform her whether to bet or not.

It is reported that the swindle could have bagged the gang as much as £250,000 as they targeted six casinos across London. Casino security staff had become suspicious of a white van that was seen on a number of occasions parked outside the casino. The security staff then passed on this information to the Metropolitan police’s Gaming Unit, who then focused an investigation on Wong.

However, the gang were finally rumbled at the Mint Casino, South Kensington, on September 13 as managers become suspicious of Wong’s astonishing luck. It appears the gang got greedy and their winning streak was far too striking. At one stage, out of 44 play s, she lost just 10 hands.

"These three people executed a sophisticated system that allowed them to cheat at least one casino out of a significant amount of money," said Detective Inspector Darren Warner, of the Met's Gaming Unit.

"The unit believes the method was the first of its kind to be found used in the UK”, he added.

The swindle follows yesterday’s news where three men were sentenced for similar charges following a roulette scam, again in London casinos.

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