Casino sues NBA legend Charles Barkley for $400,000

Wynn Las Vegas casino has filed a lawsuit against the former NBA star Charles Barkley in an attempt to recoup $400,000 in unpaid gambling debts.

It is reported that Barkley took four $100,000 markers on two consecutive days, October 18th and the 19th.

“By taking the $400,000 in credit and refusing to pay the amount despite repeated attempts, Barkley has wrongfully exercised dominion and control over Wynn’s property,” Wynn’s lawsuit says.

“Barkley has exercised this dominion in derogation, exclusion and defiance of Wynn’s rights in its property.”

Barkley, voted the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 1993, knows he has a problem and he knows he has to deal with it.

Back in 2006, Barkley admitted in an ESPN interview that he had a gambling problem and estimated his losses at around $10 million.

“It’s just a stupid habit that I’ve got to get under control, because it’s just not a good thing to be broke after all of these years,” Barkley said in the interview.

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