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The heavy competition that takes place on the online casino market benefits the player tremendously. In this article, we´ll teach you how to take advantage of this situation and earn a lot of money for yourself while you are at it. Given the stiff competition, online casinos have resorted to various persuasion tactics designed to lure players to their fold. When it comes to attracting players, the online casino is at a disadvantage in comparison to a brick and mortar casino. Imagine the limitless resources available at the disposal of a fancy Vegas casino, which can treat its players to free room and board, drinks, and tickets to shows.

Since it can´t offer any of the above, the online casino is resorts to using other means for attracting players. The most common type of online casino promotions is the bonus. A bonus is a sum of money that the online casino deposits into the players account. This money is applicable just at the online casino and can only be used for the purpose of playing online casino games. This method has proven to be very effective in persuading new players to join the online casino while preventing existing players from searching for greener pastures.

There are three main types of bonuses available at the online casino: welcome bonus, deposit bonus and referral bonus. Out of these three types of online casino bonuses, the welcome bonus offers the biggest upside, as far as the player is concerned. A welcome bonus is given to new players at the online casino who have opened an account with the online casino and made their first deposit. In order to decide how much you should deposit, check out the online casino bonus policy. Some online casinos wish to encourage players to deposit more by doubling and even tripling their initial deposit on the condition that they deposit up to a certain amount.

If you can afford it, this is a great way for you to earn free playing money without having to risk any of your own. Based on the size of your initial deposit, some online casinos might even include you automatically in their VIP club. This makes you eligible to receive additional online casino bonuses in addition to other exclusive promotions down the road.

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