Casino fined $30,000 for jackpot error

The Philadelphia Park Casino has been hit with fines totalling nearly $30,000 resulting from an incident back in January which saw the casino initially deny what looked to be a jackpot win being paid out to one slot-machine player.

Stephen Wilkinson, 56, a retired carpenter from Philadelphia, was playing on the slots when a message popped up telling him he has won $102,000. However, the casino claimed that message was displayed in error and refused to pay out to Wilkinson.
"It was just an error in the communication system - an unfortunate one, I might add,” said Andrew Becker at the time, a spokesman for Philadelphia Park casino.

After being offered two comp points as way of compensation, Wilkinson was suitably unimpressed and went straight to the Pennsylvania Gaming Board to lodge a complaint.

However, after receiving the bad publicity, the casino decided to pay out the full $102,000 to Wilkinson.

Nevertheless, the casino has not escaped a penalty from the Gaming Control Board. They have been cited for having an unlicensed worker on the casino floor and failing to have complete control over the correctness and security of its systems. $10,000 will be paid in the form of a civil penalty, $10,000 will be paid to the state’s Compulsive and Problem Gaming Treatment Fund and $9,995 will cover the costs of the investigation.

Editor, - 2007-04-10 12:04:32

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