Canada seek to ban online casino ads

A new proposal in Canada seeks to make advertising for online gambling sites illegal under the federal Criminal Code. Government Services Minister Gerry Phillips will introduce the bill in an attempt to protect children, who he thinks internet gambling companies are preying on.

"There's a substantial number of young people who are participating on these illegal gambling sites and it’s causing problems", Phillips said.

The proposal would also make exceptions for Canada’s online racetrack betting, in a similar way exceptions were made for the US horseracing industry in the Leach/Goodlatte Internet Gambling Bill.

"In the province of Ontario we've got a very large horseracing industry, the breeders, the people who run the farms and the racetracks, and it's very reputable business," said Phillips.

However, online gambling is the only form of gambling in Canada that is still growing.

Editor, - 2006-10-20 11:30:00

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