Camelot plan £200 million lottery

Camelot revealed today their plans to launch a new worldwide lottery that could create a jackpot prize of more than £200 million.

So far, 48 countries around the world have signed up for the lottery which is being termed the “world draw”. It could potentially create up to a staggering 60 millionaires per month.

"If we win the bid, we’re looking forward to working in close partnership with other world-class lottery operators from around the globe to develop what we believe will be the first world lottery draw,” said Dianne Thompson, Camelot chief executive.

The jackpot would be much bigger than anything else seen in Europe before and would put it on par with the lotteries in some American states.

The current world record for a lottery winner is held by American Andrew Whittaker who won $314.9 million (£160.7 million) in a West Virginia lottery in 2002.

Camelot hope innovative new ideas and an excellent track record of running the lottery will be enough to secure its third licence from the National Lottery Commission (NLC). They have scared off many other prospective bidders and now they only have one more to beat; India’s premiere lottery operator Sugal & Damani (S&D).

S&D have first-rate experience in operating lotteries and are “100 per cent confident” that they are the best lottery operator in the world, according to Chairman Sugalchand Jain. S&D, if successful in their bid, will introduce new games and will offer retail outlets increased incentives to sell tickets.

The winner will be announced this August.

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