Bwin CEO optimistic of online gambling liberalisation

Norbert Teufelberger, chief executive of the Austrian online bookmaker Bwin, is optimistic that attitudes in Europe towards online gambling may begin to change.

"There are many signals. Who would have thought six months ago that France would move politically?" Teufelberger said.

"There is movement now."

And Teufelberger is a man who knows first hand about France’s stance on online gambling as he and fellow executive Manfred Bodner were arrested by French police as they were set to announce their sponsorship deal with French football club AS Monaco.

Teufelberger believes that Europe could well be on a path to liberalisation, and once a major country like France begins to open up their laws, he predicts it could cause a landslide.

"There won't be a European Union-wide solution (in spring), but in individual countries," he said.

"The UK already has a solution. Our goal is to find one in one or several major countries. If that's going to happen, there will be a landslide.”

Editor, - 2007-11-16 11:15:07

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