German Bwin ban 'technically not possible'

An eight-month dispute between the Austrian-based internet sports betting company, Bwin, and the German state of Bavaria has ended after a Munich court has ruled that it is ‘technically not possible’ to ban online sports betting.

The state of Bavaria attempted to ban online sports betting so as to protect the state-run lottery, claming that any other betting operations were illegal.

Bwin had previously claimed that if the ban was upheld, their business model would become worthless.

However, the court ruling from Munich found that it isn’t possible to exclude residents from Bavaria from using online sports betting services, such as that offered by Bwin. The state of Bavaria also ‘did not show a single comprehensible and convincing way that sports betting companies can technically implement the ban’, according to a court statement.

Editor, - 2007-05-21 11:39:11

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