Britain to Build 8 Vegas Style Casinos?

UK Minister for Sport, Richard Caborn who was pivotal in pushing for the relaxation of UK’s gaming regulations, said that he seeks the operation of as many as eight Las Vegas style regional casinos around Britain, according to prominent casino operator Rank Group. Mike Smith, Rank Group's soon-to-be-former CEO, was reported as saying that this statement was made at a privately-held meeting with company representatives.

In 2005, the British government passed the Gambling Act, a new gambling regulation structure which paved way for a new generation of super-casinos. However, Tessa Jowell, the UK Culture secretary, reduced the cap on the proposed number of resort-style gaming facilities from eight to one.

On a prior occasion, Caborn had challenged Conservative Party members to stop opposing super-casinos and allow more than one to be developed in Britain. At the time, the casino-supporting cabinet minister accused the Conservatives of political manipulation before the 2005 general election. He opposed them for trying to force the government to renege on its plans to grant eight operating licenses for super-casinos.

Contrary to Smith's statement, a spokesman for the minister said that, currently, Caborn has no intentions of resuming fight against casino policies in Britain. - 2006-03-07 12:58:27

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