Brighton Bingo Hall in Armed Raid

Earlier this week an armed gang stole £10,000 from a Gala bingo hall in Brighton. Three masked men stormed into the bingo hall wielding knives and a pistol. Around forty startled bingo players watched on as they stole the contents of the safe.

A spokeswoman for Sussex police commented, “It was a quiet night and the place was shattered by these men making threats. It was a terrifying ordeal not only for the staff but for the customers as well. This was quiet a brazen robbery. It was very quick – literally just a few minutes.

Gala Bingo said; “The police have requested CCTV footage and are investigating the incident. Until Gala has further information it can make no comment. The club is open for business as usual.”

ATE Online - 2006-08-24 12:42:13

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