Bookie expects massive Big Brother 8 betting

Big Brother 8 will kick off this coming Wednesday and William Hill expects betting on the show to be bigger than ever.

Even though producers are reportedly still undecided on which contestants will enter the house, interest in the show, following the Jade Goody/Shilpa Shetty race row, is likely to be bigger than ever. William Hill expects over £15 million to be gambled on the show.

“In the space of five years, Reality TV betting has become a multi-million pound industry and is the betting of choice for many punters who feel that as they are the judge of who wins then surely they know as much as the bookies. We took in the region of £2 million on BB7 and are confident that the 'Shilpa' factor will mean that we could double that figure this time round- we are in for a very busy few months,” said Rupert Adams, William Hill spokesman.

Hills have also been taking some early bets on the show and have learned from their mistake last year. When eventual winner, madcap Pete Bennett, threw himself down the stairs it cost the bookmaker £10,000 and as a result, they have halved the odds to 8/1 for a repeat incident.

Hills are also offering 25/1 that the show will be taken off the air mid-series, which may seem tempting considering the fiasco that Celebrity Big Brother turned into earlier this year, but producers of the show seem to want a more amusing and wacky series this time round. Executive producer, Rebecca De Young, has said she wants the show to be “fresh and funny”.

The new house will be practically back-to-front. The swimming pool will be half in the house, half outside; the fridge freezer will be in the garden; the bath will be in the living room; and an oven will be in the bedroom. Producers say the idea behind the house is to confuse housemates and to get them to work as a team.

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