Bodoglife now Bodog... not NewBodog...

The online casino, poker room and sportsbook,, has changed its domain name again after a patent infringement case involving 1st Technology LLC.

The new domain name will be...

In a statement on the new website, founder Calvin Ayre explained in a self-gratifying statement that "the world changes, and if you don’t change with it, you get left behind. We've been leading the good times for a long time, and nobody will leave us behind. Full speed ahead".

It is the second name change by Bodog since the legal dispute, after initially choosing However, according to the statement, is the new, permanent address.

Whether or not Bodog will prove to enjoy the same success will remain to be seen, but one thing seems certain; Bodog, and Calvin Ayre, will continue to try and sell the lifestyle.

In the (almost nauseating and preacher-like) words of Ayre himself, “high stakes, hot women and killer parties in exotic locales; Bodog’s always know how to roll. It's all part of our play hard philosophy; it’s all part of the Bodog life.”

Editor, - 2007-09-21 11:49:46

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