Bodog patent case rolls on

The Bodog v 1st Technology patent saga has taken a new twist after Calvin Ayre has revealed on his blog that he has hired a private investigator to look into the past of Scott Lewis, the man he deems responsible for “stealing” Bodog’s domain name.

Not only that, he has issued a patent re-examination on 1st Technology. That essentially means that the patent that 1st Technology claim that Bodog infringed upon will be scrutinised and examined to see if it holds up.

According to Ayre, Lewis was "terminated as an employee of a tech startup firm sometime around 2001 for what appears to have been a conflict of interests that violated his duties with the firm he represented”.

"Once again this all goes to show that Lewis was not "inventing technology" prior to his accepting a job as the front man for a patent troll form of organized crime, as he is now trying to convince the world…talk about perverse…to have the aggressor pretending to be the victim."

Strong words indeed. Furthermore, Ayre has warned Lewis that he will make his past employment history public knowledge should he carry on with his current vendetta against Bodog.

Editor, - 2008-03-17 11:43:06

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