Bodog on the offensive in domain name case

Bodog Entertainment Group is on the offensive against the company that effectively ‘stole’ their domain name,, and are seeking to make a new law in Washington after 1st Technology obtained seizure of numerous Bodog domain names.

Bodog argue that internet domain names are not property that can be seized in court because they contain trademarks.

"This is a new legal issue triggered by the emergence of Internet technology,” said Bodog’s defence team lawyer James Nguyen.

There is a law in the state of Virginia, which Bodog are citing, that states that domain names cannot be subject to seizure.

Nguyen went on to state that no-one could then subsequently use Bodog’s domain without infringing on their trademarks.

"If a court does not have the power to permit seizure of trademarks, it likewise should not have the power to seize or transfer domain names which contain those trademarks," Nguyen said.

Bodog founder, Calvin Ayre, is confident they will be successful in their court case and eventually have their old domain name returned to them.

Ayre said on his blog: “This is a groundbreaking case in the muddy waters of Internet law, and we are confident that we have many aspects in our favour to potentially solidify some clarity on this issue and have our domains returned to us."

Meanwhile, the value of the old Bodog domain name ( has plummeted to $264,930 from $692,580 whilst Bodog’s new domain name,, is worth over a $1 million.

Editor, - 2007-11-27 11:26:01

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