Bluff Poker Tour: First International Online Poker Tour

Bluff Magazine, the world’s leading poker publication, has announced the Bluff Poker Tour (BPT); the world’s first international virtual poker tour. Participants of the Bluff Poker Tour compete in weekly tournaments at official BPT tour stops across the web.
“More people play poker online then they do in Las Vegas and California combined,” said Jeff Markley, VP of Online Operations for Bluff Media. “With the Bluff Poker Tour, we’ve tapped into the venues that they play at most and arranged a unique mix of virtual poker combined with the tangible anchor of America’s favorite poker magazine.”

The Bluff Poker Tour’s weekly online poker tournaments are all No Limit Hold’em events and allow players to be ranked online as they are in terrestrial poker. The Bluff Poker Tour also allows players a chance to compete with heavyweight poker muscle like tour host, Michael 'The Grinder' Mizrachi, who will be playing in many of the upcoming BPT tournaments. Players who go head to head with Mizrachi have a chance to win an additional bounty should they be lucky or skillful to felt The Grinder.

Top players at the end of the season will qualify for the BPT Championship Tournament. The BPT Champion will receive buy-in to three World Poker Tour tournaments.

“It is our goal to offer the poker enthusiast the type of excitement normally reserved for those fortunate enough to quit work and join the tour,” said Jeff. “By making the BPT an online tournament, we’ve made professional quality tournament poker available to everyone. And by placing the winner of our online tour into three World Poker Tour events, we will give them the opportunity to live the life of a poker pro without having to give up the lives they have.”

To participate in, or view more information about the Bluff Poker Tour, visit - 2005-05-11 12:03:45

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