Blair Rubs Shoulders with Dome Casino Partner

Londons daily free newspaper London Lite yesterday reported on what reporters saw as the scandal of the Prime Minister, Tony Blair out socialising with Sol Kerzner, the man hoping to build the UK’s first supercasino on the Millenium Dome site in London.

Amoung the celebrities at PR guru Matthew Freud’s private bash on Wednesday night were U2 frontman Bono, rapper 50 cent, Alicia Keys and Mariella Fostrup. However, the guest who raised the most eyebrows was South African hotel and casino magnate Sol Kerzner – who has struck a deal with  American billionaire Phillip Anschutz to build and operate the supercasino planned for the Millenium Dome.

The two businessmen have come under fire for starting work on the project before actually being granted a gambling licence. It was Freud who first introduced Anschutz – a client of his – to John Prescott before the Deputy PM made his ill fated trip to the billionaires Colorado ranch.


Editor, - 2006-09-22 13:36:06

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