Blackpool casino hopes

As the Gambling Commission consider the ideal location for the UK’s first super casino, the bid of Blackpool has received the support from Lord Lee of Trafford, even thought his own city, Manchester, is in competition for the licence.

Lord Lee is quoted as telling Parliament that Blackpool is the ‘obvious choice’. In a further debate with Lord Davies of Oldham, a Government spokesman for Culture, Media and Sport, Lee went on to underline the importance that a casino would bring to Blackpool.

“Do the Government appreciate that Blackpool was first in the field and is the obvious choice and that if Blackpool fails to get the super or regional casino, its future is very limited and meltdown is likely?” Lee argued.

The backing from Lord Lee has been welcomed warmly by Blackpool’s Council leader, Coun Roy Fisher.

“I'm obviously pleased that a member from the North West recognises Blackpool's contribution towards the North West economy,” said Fisher.

As the race for the UK’s first super casino hots up, many experts believe it is a two horse race between Blackpool and the Dome. However, the fact that Blackpool is not tied to an operator like the Dome’s Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), may stand the North West town in good stead.

If the Dome was chosen as the location for the super casino, the Government would have to work hard to explain that the decision was completely fair, given the scrutiny and criticism John Prescott’s friendship with AEG owner, Philip Anschutz, has come under. Prescott visited Anschutz’s ranch in Colorado many times, with many saying that the friendship may have violated conflict-of-interest laws.

Other possible locations for the casino licence are Cardiff, Newcastle, Sheffield, Manchester and Wembley.

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