Bingo sisters celebrate court win – against sister

Two sisters have been granted their share of a £50,000 bingo win by a judge. But bizarrely, they won their share off their own sister.

Linda Kenny, 53, and Doreen Thomas, 57, both from Runcorn, took their sister Edna Sexton, 59, after they claimed Mrs Sexton reneged on a verbal agreement to share any bingo winnings any of them were fortunate enough to win.

Mrs Kenny and Mrs Thomas were each awarded £17,463 after Judge Derek Halbert ruled the verbal agreement amounted to a breach of contract after the win at Buckingham Bingo Palace in hunts Cross, Liverpool, in June 2007.

“She was fine in the bingo. We all agreed it was going to be £16,666 each and she was quite pleased with that,” said Mrs Thomas.

"She said she was going to put £10,000 in the bank and go on a spending spree. As soon as she got home she changed her mind and just turned nasty."

However, there may be one more complication in the ruling.

"We are delighted. But Edna told us she has now spent it all,” said Mrs Thomas.

Editor, - 2008-04-18 11:38:43

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