Bingo jackpot winner tells friends where to go

A mum from Devon has won a two and a half year legal battle to keep the £100,000 bingo jackpot win she won whilst playing with some bingo buddies.

Tania Burnett, 25, won the six-figure sum on a girly night out at a Gala Bingo club in Plymouth with ex-friends Stacey Wilson, 24, and Abigail Stacey, 26. However, Stacey and Abigail claim they had an agreement to share all winnings over £10.

But yesterday, three High Court judges in London upheld a ruling by Exeter Country Court that a casual conversation is not legally binding and Tania could keep all her winnings.

"The reality is that Miss Wilson and Miss Stacey's bare bones account of what they say was agreed scarcely stands as an agreement enforceable and binding in law," said Lord Justice May.

"They can get stuffed." said Tania.

"We never agreed to share and they put me through years of hell."

The trio, who used to work together for Royal Mail in Plymouth, went for a curry after the win, which Tania paid for, but the atmosphere was frosty to say the least.

“Stacey immediately had a face like thunder. She said to me, ‘We agreed to share, don't you remember.’ I told her we hadn’t agreed anything of the sort. I’ve played lots of bingo and never share because it causes problems like this. We ended up having a massive row.

“The next thing I'm getting solicitors' letters and for years I've been back and forth to court. I’ve spent it all anyway. But to be honest I wish I hadn’t won – it’s been too much hassle.”

Nevertheless, Stacey and Abigail are not buying that – Stacey added: “I’m glad Tania’s been through hell.”

Outside of all the bickering, there is another angle to the story – the lengthy court battle cost the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds.

Editor, - 2007-10-26 10:54:20

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