Bill may see end to US gambling ban

The man who described the US ban on internet gambling as on of the “stupidest laws” ever passed has launched the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act 2007 (UIGEA) in a bid to regulate the industry in the US. The maverick
The move by Republican Barney Frank has turned him into somewhat of a hero in the gambling industry with many praising his sensible and logical approach.

On Mr Frank’s websites he says “The existing legislation is an inappropriate interference on the personal freedom of Americans and this interference should be undone,”

The proposed legislation covers all areas included ind8vidual state opt-out to allow for those states that do no want to legalise online gambling as well as safe guards for loan-sharking, money laundering and fraud. It’s hoped that these elements will go some way in reassuring and calming the Christian Right who were a key lobby group involved in making the original ban on gambling into law.

Under Mr Frank’s new proposal licenses would only be granted to those companies that could prevent the under-aged, vulnerable and compulsive gamblers from accessing the sites. Moreover, licenses would only be given to sites that could prove that they had practices in place to prevent money laundering and fraud. Almost all sites have these practises in place as a matter of course.

Don’t hold you breath there’s a long way yet. Pushing UIGEA through both houses of Congress could be a long shot and of course there is always the potential Bush veto.
Either way, the industry salutes the upstanding, logic and well constructed bill as constructed by Frank.

Editor, - 2007-04-27 12:31:33

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