Big Brother betting odds: first eviction

Shabnam is set to be the first person to be evicted from the big brother house tonight as she goes up against fellow housemates Carole and Tracey.

The 22-year-old is odds-on favourite for tonight’s eviction at 1/33 with Paddy Power. It will be the first eviction of this years show (providing today goes smoothly without any more controversy).

Likewise, William Hill is also in no doubt that it will be Shabnam for the boot tonight.

"Shabnam is a little unlucky to be up against two of the more popular housemates but we are in no doubt it will be a landslide vote for her,” said William Hill spokesman Jennie Prest.

However, Shabnam seems untroubled by tonight’s eviction as she brashly told housemates: “I'm up for nominations, do you actually think I give a s**t? I couldn't give a flying f***!”

Meanwhile, following his recent entrance into the house, Gerry is now 5/1 favourite to win the show. Welsh nanny, Laura, was previous favourite but she has now slipped out to 20/1.

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