Big Brother betting odds: Housemates face double eviction

The Big Brother house is set for more drama tonight as the housemates face a double eviction.

In the latest twist on the show, halfway housemates Amy, Jonty, Liam and Ziggy were allowed back into the real Big Brother house but had to choose four other housemates to replace them. They chose David, Kara-Louise, Shanessa and Tracey, who are now all up for eviction tonight.

Amy, Jonty, Liam and Ziggy knew the people replacing would face the public vote, which resulted in them choosing the remaining three people that entered the house just last Friday – plus Tracey. Liam justified choosing Tracey as he thinks she will be safe from the public vote and defended their decision of choosing the three new housemates.

“Tracey, you'll be fine. Sorry to the rest, but you've got to understand that we've all been here together for ages."

However, housemates are unaware that it is, in fact, a double eviction.

Shanessa & David are the over-whelming pair to be evicted tonight and are 1-10 favourites to get the boot, followed by Tracey & David at 13-2.

Kara-Louise & David are next at 10-1; Tracey & Shanessa are at 20-1; Shanessa & Kara-Louise at 66-1; and the big outsiders of Tracey and Kara-Louise are at 80-1.

One thing seems certain; Scottish David looks set to be evicted one way or another.

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