Bettoo to Offer Gambling Text Ads

Bettoo Ltd have announced the release of a specialist text advertising service for the gambling and betting industry. The service will offer the text ad format to an industry dropped by Google and Yahoo last year following legal action. With the law unclear, the company chose to drop gambling ads to prevent further disputes. Bettoo's new text ad service addresses the legal concerns with its Active-Clix user-confirmation challenge response system.
Bettoo's Active-Clix system is designed to prevent under-age, casual or visitors from regions that do not allow gambling ads from accessing sites by challenging those who click on a Bettoo Ad before forwarding them to the advertiser's site. The Active-Clix system stores the response to the challenge and blocks any further ad redirection should its strict criteria not be met.

Bettoo have redesigned the ad selection process and moved away from automatically examining site names and content to guess the most appropriate ads to deliver.

'Active-Clix was designed to ensure that Bettoo only redirects users who are legally allowed and actively seeking gambling sites to our advertisers' sites.' said Bettoo program director Chad Noble. 'Bettoo ads do not display the advertisers' URL's so users cannot be 'subconsciously' directed to one of our advertisers' sites, they must click on an ad then, on their first visit, actively respond to the challenge before being directed to the sites. We at Bettoo, like many other independent observers do not believe that Google was breaking any rules with its text ads, but we can see that as they are generating so much income from other industry ads, it was easier to close down gambling ads than to become bogged down in litigation.' - 2005-06-03 14:07:56

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