Betting site exchanges cash for exclusive branding has confirmed that it has secured the Commerzbank in Germany to help finance the new Florida Marlins stadium. The Internet gambling hub has stipulated that the stadium be named BetCris stadium under the agreement.
Recent reports indicated that the city of Miami and Miami-Dade County had until June 9th to revise financing plans for a new ballpark and that the state legislature refused to provide even partial funding. and their investors are prepared to fund the stadium in return for exclusive naming rights.

'The fact that two-time world champions are without a suitable stadium is shameful,' said Gary Thompson, marketing director for 'There is more synergy here than you think, the Maloof Brothers showed that gambling and sports can mix, we're here to help reinforce the point and be part of America's favorite past time.'

Las week, letters of intent were submitted to both MLB officials and Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria. This week, executives are seeking a time to meet with Loria and MLB officials to illustrate their liquidity and intention to move forward with all due speed. - 2005-05-25 22:38:59

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