BetOnSports founder arrested

The founder of the online gambling website, Gary Stephen Kaplan, was arrested in the Dominican Republic last week, according to a US federal prosecutor.

Kaplan, who was arrested at the Santo Domingo Hotel by the Dominican National Police, was indicted in June by a federal grand jury which accuses him and 10 others of racketeering, conspiracy and fraud relating to the running of their Costa Rican-based gambling service. Kaplan faces a total of 22 charges.

US Attorney Catherine Hanaway is prosecuting the case against BetOnSports PLC in a St. Louis federal court and is seeking for Kaplan to be sent to St. Louis so he can face his charges. Kaplan had previously evaded the US authorities and was on the wanted list of the world’s largest international police organisation, Interpol.

"This was a worldwide search, and thanks to the assistance of many law enforcement agencies this fugitive will soon be back in St. Louis to face the charges against him," Hanaway said in a statement.

BetOnSports chief executive David Carruthers was arrested soon after the indictment was taken out against the company in June and still remains under house arrest in St Louis.

As a result, the company pulled out of the US market last August after an agreement with the US Attorney's Office, losing 95% of its custom in the process. However, it's officials failed to turn up in court to hear the charges against the compnay and as a result faced fines of $5,000-a-day until it responded.

Hanaway’s spokeswoman, Jan Diltz, said she did not know when Kaplan would arrive in St. Louis to face his charges.

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