Betonsports $5,000-a-day fine

A federal judge in St. Louis has ordered London-based gambling company, Betonsports, to pay $5000 per day until it responds to criminal charges it has previously ignored.

Before Betonsports was targeted by US authorities as one of the first victims in the crackdown on internet gambling, the company took $1 billion in bets from US customers, according to federal prosecutors.

Since then, the company has shut down its US facing operations following a civil settlement that Betonsports hoped would cause authorities to ease up on them. However, the company is yet to fully refund money owed to customers or hand over all the documents that prosecutors have demanded.

Betonsports  reportedly failed to turn up for a February 2 court hearing relating to criminal charges, including money laundering.

Following that no-show, US District Judge Carol Jackson said Betonsports, “without just cause or excuse” ignored court orders and was in contempt of court. As a result, the company has to pay the $5000-a-day fine from February 2, the date of the court hearing.

Editor, - 2007-02-06 11:22:01

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