Betfair order poker players to return winnings after software glitch

Betfair, the all-round online gaming company, has ordered around 20 poker players to return more than £100,000 in ‘winnings’ after a glitch in their software resulted in the company paying out more than it should have.

Betfair has written to the players and accused them of collusion, demanding they return the money or face legal consequences.

The glitch in the software resulted in incorrect payouts to every player on the table in “certain all-in situations”.

Players began to notice an opportunity to seize upon when, on one particular hand, all six players were all in. The winner got the standard 1st prize money, the 2nd place person got the 2nd place prize money, but so did the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th placed players.

Players recreated the same situation again and, low and behold, the same payout occurred. Players then moved up to the high-stakes tables which resulted in bigger profits on every hand for every player.

Betfair put right the fault on their in-house system after a few hours. Before 2004, they were on Cryptologic’s software.

In their e-mail to the shrewd players, Betfair said such games "were incorrectly set up to pay everyone involved in certain all-in situations and this was exploited by you and others to generate substantial returns in a short space of time. As I'm sure you can understand, the winnings received as a result of this exploitation must be returned."

Betfair are yet to comment.

Editor, - 2008-02-01 11:50:23

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