Betfair looses its edge

The world’s largest betting exchange Betfair today announced that it has launched a range of online casino games with no house edge.

The so called Zero Lounge is part of Betfair’s new online casino. The casino includes modified versions of blackjack, roulette, jacks or better and baccarat with more games expected to launch over the coming months.
In their version of European roulette the zero has been removed. This means that players using a red/black betting strategy for example, will have 50 per cent chance of winning rather than the 48.6 percent currently offered in standard European roulette.

“The words fair and casino no longer contradict each other,” said Betfair spokesman Oliver Bowen. “For these adapted games, the rules maintaining a consistent house edge have been changed so that players are given a fair chance.

Players will have to play the correct strategy on Zero Lounge games of Blackjack, Baccarat and Jacks or Better in order to take advantage of the zero house edge. Roulette will consistently offer zero edge regardless of strategy.

Editor, - 2006-10-16 17:55:41

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