BBC in lottery show fix row

The BBC is once again mixed up in a fix-row over one of its game shows.

It has emerged that contestants on the National Lottery’s 1 vs 100 quiz are predetermined before the show begins despite the impression that that the process is completely random.

Suspicions arose when Dennis Powell, 41, made an appearance in the current series. He is somewhat of a quiz master and has previously appeared on The Weakest Link, National Lottery: Jet Set, Are You Smarter Than A 10-Year-Old and Deal Or No Deal. He has won £20,000 from those appearances in the last seven years.

TV insiders believe Powell was chosen because he is “bright, lively and makes good telly”.

However, fellow contestants believe they have been duped.

"We all thought we were in with a chance of winning something. We gave up our time to go on the show," one anonymous contestant told the Daily Mail.

Nevertheless, the BBC denies all allegations of deception.

“We absolutely refute any allegations of fakery. Some selection takes place to ensure contestants are comfortable with the pressure of a television studio and are also reflective of the population at large,” a spokesperson for the BCC said.

"This is completely within BBC guidelines and is in line with the rest of the TV entertainment industry. For technical reasons only, re-shooting some shots is often necessary, again this is part and parcel of making TV entertainment shows."

Editor, - 2008-04-28 10:59:01

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