Self-banned gambler changes his mind

Following a big loss in an Atlantic City casino in 2004, one man is regretting his decision to place himself on the state regulators list of people banned from the city’s casino.

The list, created six years ago, is voluntary and was created in an effort to help people with gambling problems. People can choose to be banned for one year, five years or life. It currently has over 500 names on the list.

However, the man only known as S.D who chose a life ban, soon found out that the list is not only limited to Atlantic City. Casino owners use the list to ban people from casinos they own in other areas of the U.S.

Yesterday, in a unanimous vote, New Jersey’s Casino Control Commission rejected his decision to become the first person to be taken off the list.

S.D’s lawyer, Gerard Quinn, claims that the man does not have a gambling problem and that he was simply erratic on that day through frustration at his loss.

"He had some other stresses in his life. He impulsively went and signed up. It took a few minutes,” Quinn said.

Quinn also argues that the man was unaware that the list was applicable to casinos outside the state, a change which occurred in 2004.

S.D is likely to appeal against the decision.

Editor, - 2007-01-18 11:25:52

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