Bag $1 Million plus a BMW Roadster

Intercasino US are carrying on where they left off in 2005…with big fat jackpots! Last year their ‘Millionaires Club’ progressive jackpot paid out over one million dollars twice. Intercasino online casino are promising that this year will be an even bigger jackpot year. The Intercasino ‘Millionaires Club’ has hit the million-dollar mark for the first time in 2006.

Have a spin and if you win Intercasino have added an extra treat, a shiny new BMW Z4 Roadster car will be speeding its way to the player to hit the jackpot.

Ryan Hartley, Intercasino manager commented, ‘With the Millionaires Club jackpot once again above 1 million dollars, pounds and euros for the first time in 2006, we wanted to do something special for our first big winner of the year.’

Good luck! - 2006-01-13 12:02:09

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