Baby born in casino

A woman who was playing slots at the Resorts Atlantic City casino gave birth to a baby boy on the casino floor, the first baby born in a casino since gambling was legalised in the city in 1978.

Nyree Thompson was so engrossed in her playing that she mistook labour pains for gas pains and before she knew it, her baby was on his way. With no medical services present, the lady told a security guard that she thought she was about to give birth. However, the guard thought she was joking until he saw her water break.

“Her water broke and she just told us the baby was coming and we just laid her down on the floor and went from there,” said Charles Baldwin, the security guard acting as a stand-in doctor.

The baby boy, who was one month premature and named Qualeem, weighed less than 5 pounds.

“We’ve had people die here, but we have never had people born here,” said Steve Callender vice-president of operations at Resorts.

Editor, - 2007-02-06 12:15:10

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