UK’s first Automated Bingo Hall Opens

Riva, the UK based bingo hall operator has opened the UK’s very first fully automated bingo hall in Sutton, Greater London. The club offers players a whopping 582 new personal handheld terminals that are specifically designed for that club. Riva have developed an additional 20 portable terminal for players to use in the clubs planned external smoking area.

The CEO of Riva, Simon Hannah, "We are operating in a challenging environment but we believe there is still plenty of room for growth for operators who provide unique and exciting facilities.

"The Riva club in Sutton we believe is the leading edge in the UK and in its opening week has traded beyond our expectations," he added. "Sutton provides our players with an exciting new bingo challenge and we are delighted with the number of players, both new and traditional, who are enjoying playing a part in the evolution of bingo".

ATE Online - 2007-06-22 12:05:39

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