Atlantic City casino smoking ban questioned

Following a compromise between the city council and Atlantic City’s casinos, a full ban should be introduced if the partial smoking ban in the City’s casinos is successful, according to Gov. Jon S. Corzine.

"Ideally, I think we ought to have completely smoke-free casino floors," said Corzine.

"I'd like to see a complete ban. But this is a very positive step forward."

Under the new smoking ban, up to a quarter of the casino floors will have to be walled off and marked as designated smoking areas by April 15. The city council backed down from its intentions of introducing a full smoking ban after fierce opposition from the casino industry who feared the loss of 20 per cent of its revenue and 3,400 jobs.

However, employees at Atlantic City’s casinos and anti-smoking groups are still not impressed with the partial ban.

"I think we should have the same rights as everyone else," said Helen Turano, an employee at the Claridge Casino.

"We give up a lot to work here: every Christmas, every Easter, and every Thanksgiving. We shouldn't have to give up our health, too."

Earlier this month a group of anti-smoking groups, including the New Jersey Group Against smoking Pollution (GASP), ran a series of radio commercials in New Jersey asking people to demand that the council returns to its original intentions of introducing a full ban.

Editor, - 2007-02-13 12:02:28

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