Asian casino revenue to beat US casinos’ in four years

Casino gaming revenue from Asian casinos looks set to surpass that of its US counterparts by 2012, according to a report released yesterday.

Led by the booming resort of Macau on a tiny Island off the south of China, which has already overtaken Las Vegas as the premier gaming destination in the world, Asia is expected to dominate the industry within a few years.

The survey was conducted by the American Gaming Association and president and CEO of the company Frank Fahrenkopf predicts an interesting time for the continent.

"The results ... foretell a remarkable future for the Asian gaming market," Fahrenkopf said.

"There is no doubt this is an exciting time in Asia for the gaming industry."

Asian casinos currently rake in between $15 billion and $20 billion whilst US casinos are ahead at $34.1 billion.

To make up a near $20 billion deficit in four years simply illustrates the pace of the growth in the industry in Asia.

Despite similar resorts springing up around Asia, the survey also found that, unsurprisingly, Macau will continue to remain Asia’s market leader.

Editor, - 2008-06-04 11:17:00

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