Antigua Wants US Online Casino Ban Removed in Accordance with WTO Ruling

Antigua and Barbuda, home to many online casino operators, has demanded that the United States allow Americans to use Antigua-based online casino sites. Following the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling in November 2004, which called for the United States to remove any trade barriers, US officials appealed, only to get a more ambiguous decision last month. The appellate decision supported the US ruling on online sports betting, but said that other policies were not in line with free trade agreements.

Antiguan officials are demanding compliance with the decision, expressing disappointment that US officials are still acting in a prejudicial manner against Antiguan businesses. They interpret the somewhat vague WTO ruling to mean that as long as the US allows land-based casinos in any of its states, it must allow online casino gambling as well. - 2005-05-25 22:57:28

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