Pamela Anderson rows with hubby over poker

Newlyweds Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon have had their first falling-out since they have been married – over Rick’s poker playing.

Rick, 39, was playing poker with Virgin Tycoon Richard Branson at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas at a party on Wednesday night. However, the buxom former Baywatch star was not best pleased that Rick was playing for so long which resulted in her dragging him away from the table.

“Rick must have been playing for a good hour and Pam did not look impressed,” said one onlooker.

“Every time he decided he’d had enough he would throw all his chips in at once - but he just kept winning. This must have happened three or four times - all the chips would go in and he would scoop the lot.”

Anderson eventually walked up to the table, exchanged pleasantries first (there were cameras there after all) and then the pair had a few choice words before Anderson stormed off to a VIP booth.

Salomon followed and the pair continued arguing, with Anderson flailing her arms about.

The pair only married in Las Vegas last Saturday.

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