AMRAC take a gamble

Amalgamated Racing (AMRAC) is challenging the 20 year monopoly held by Satellite Information Services (SIS) on the screening of live coverage of horse races in betting shops around the UK.

AMRAC, who have signed deals with 30 race courses in the UK, will charge £6,500 a year for every shop that subscribes to its service. That price will provide SIS with much to think about considering they currently charge every shop £12,800 a year for its service.

AMRAC’s new service is set to begin on January 1st 2008 and will provide a thinking point too for bookmakers. Those that decide not sign up to the new service will only be able to screen races from AMRAC’s courses if those races are covered by terrestrial television contracts, thus meaning that some races may go unscreened in some bookmakers.

Bookies must therefore decide on the importance of screening all live horse races to their business and whether or not they are willing to pay the £6,500 subscription fee to AMRAC on top of the £12,800 fee to SIS. However, many feel AMRAC’s pricing of its service will force SIS to follow suit.

"Our pricing is very fair and leaves the door open for SIS to ensure that in 2008, bookmakers taking two services do not have to pay any more than they do now for one," said Alan Morcombe, AMRAC executive chairman.

Meetings covered by AMRAC include the Cheltenham and Aintree festivals as well as the Newmarket Guineas.

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