Alderney Looks for Ways to Keep Online Casino Operations on Island

With the UK laws allowing Gambling operators to manage online casino companies from within the United Kingdom, Alderney’s Gambling Control Commission is concerned that the island may face financial difficulties.

Alderney is a Channel Isle, meaning that while Alderney belongs to the UK, it is not governed by UK law. As such, Alderney’s law allows online casino and gambling sites to operate with regulations that meet most international standards. As a result, it has become a popular location for online casino operators.

While gambling profits have increased on the island in 2004, the new UK legislation has Alderney’s lawmakers working to ensure that the UK doesn’t take business away. For example, until now, Alderney has required that at least one worker from each online casino company be physically present on the island. Legislators hope that by easing that legislation, gaming companies will remain registered by Alderney. In addition, they plan to open internet hosting in Guernsey, another one of the Channel Isles, which is better connected to the internet. - 2005-05-30 18:27:14

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