Al Gore arrest hits gambling site

A gambling mistake by Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, famed for its wacky bets and shrewd PR, has left the company with egg on their face.

Paddy Power opened up a book on the next high-profile American to be arrested after Paris Hilton’s stint in prison, and offered odds of 14/1 that Al Gore, champion of last weekend’s Live Earth concerts around the world, would be the next to be arrested.

However, what they didn’t account for was that Al Gore has a son of the same name, Al Gore III. Paddy Power didn’t specify which Al Gore they meant, so the arrest of Al Gore’s son for speeding and alleged possession of drugs left them with no option but to pay out.

About 50 astute punters placed the bet, costing Paddy Power £6,780.

"We got a good stoning thanks to the vice-president's son," the company said.

Editor, - 2007-07-09 11:34:06

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